Analyst: Palm Pre Launch Will Be A Failure

John Biggs Friday, May 1, 2009
Collins Stewart analyst Ashok Kumar (not this guy) is claiming that the Palm Pre will be a dud and that shortages, manufacturing problems, and Sprint's relative suckitude as a carrier will push the $199 smartphone straight to the bottom.

While I welcome this bracing opinion of everyone's darling, it seems Kumar has some sort of bone to pick and is bringing up concerns you could have for any phone, including the iPhone. He writes:Collins Stewart analyst Ashok Kumar claims that his supply chain checks indicate that Palm has ?drastically reduced its production orders? for the Pre. Kumar says ?multiple hardware and software issues? have forced Palm?s hand here and that he doesn?t expect the company to meet its expected goal of one million units shipped in the second half of 2009. He even goes so far as to describe that figure as ?highly unrealistic.?