A day of “HANDS ON” Energy, Communication and Body Work for YOU and YOUR HORSE!

Who Should Take this Course:
Ø Anyone who wants a better understanding of their horse
Ø Anyone who wants a stronger bond with their horse.
Ø Anyone having problems with their horses’ health or comfort.
Ø Anyone who wants to know why and how horses do what they do.
Ø Anyone who wants better communication with their horse.

Part I. Body Language – the Key to Horse Communication
•Understand your horse and why they do what they do.
•Learn how horses communicate with each other and what they are telling YOU!
•Learn how to be the lead horse and get your horse to respect you.
Part II. Hands-On Reiki (Reiki is an ancient healing technique that unblocks and balances energy systems)
•Understand energy and the techniques to conduct energy.
•Learn where your horse’s main energy points are, how to work with the energy and remove energy blocks.
•Learn what your horse is trying to tell you.
•Learn how to help your horse relax and relax yourself.
Part III. Hands-On Massage
•Learn how to better bond and communicate with your horse.
•Learn how to assess soft tissue pain and problems.
•Learn how to improve performance and prevent injuries.
•Learn how to relax sore and tight muscles.

NOTE: You will be working directly with your horse for Parts II and III.

Conducted by: Jennifer Elliott with 15 years experience in horse rescue and rehabilitation and equine instruction, Rev. Kim Marques, Reiki Master Teacher and Diane Cook, Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist.

When: Saturday, April 25, 2009, from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.
Fee: $65 includes lunch, instruction, materials and carrots!
Where: Sugar Plum Ranch, Ocklawaha (between Ocala and Leesburg).
*Limit of 10 participants AND their horses so you must pre-register and pre-pay
For more information and to register…
CALL Jennifer Elliott at Sugar Plum Ranch 352-288-1230--Call today