How do I convert a scanned PDF

Q: How do I convert a scanned PDF file to a Word file? I need to do this so I can e-mail my resume out for jobs. For some reason, it is not working when I try to e-mail the PDF. I will be greatly appreciative if you can help me.

I usually tell people to send their resumes in the body of their e-mail. Many corporate e-mail systems strip attachments. But if you're following the company's directions, you should be OK.

So, let me explain a bit about scanned PDF files. Then, I'll discuss converting them to Word documents.

A scanned PDF is simply a document that has been imported with a scanner. The scanner takes a picture of a document, which is placed inside a PDF. There is no text, per se. Rather, the text is part of the image. In a regular PDF document, the text is not part of an image.

To convert to Word, use optical character recognition (OCR) software. This extracts the text from the image. It places the text in a document so that it can be edited. For example, the text can be placed in a Word file.

The text could also be placed in a PDF file. That way, it can be edited with a program like Acrobat. Or, you can search for text within the PDF file. (If the text is part of an image in a PDF file, it can't be searched.