Adding a custom background to your twitter page

I am going to attempt to explain how to add a custom background to your Twitter page

Decide what you want in the background and map it out on a piece of paper
1. Use a program similar to paint and open up the background image you want in this case I took a snipit of my followers from the app twitter karma follow the links I have provided for those two programs
2. I then made sure in paint that image in paint conforms to twitters requirement (Images must be smaller than 800k. GIF, JPG, PNG.) resize if necessary and save as a jpg
3. Go to your twitter home page and click on settings
4. in the tool bar click on Design
5. bottom left part of design page click on Change background image »
6. then click on Browse and pick the image you had just saved in Paint
7. Click open after you had selected your image
8, choose if you want to have your imaged tiled or not then click save
9. you can experiment with the tiled option and pick the one you want

That's it--One more item. You can manipulate any picture you want to put up as a background in paint and use the copy and paste tool to add another image over the initial one as I did with my Pal Smiley

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