iPhone gets a Wind Meter

The introduction of iPhones and similarly powerful handhelds is changing the way the world does things on a daily basis. Now you can find the wind speed before you go out on the golf course or whatever activity you choose. The introduction of the iPhone App Store has indeed been an opportunity for developers to take the iPhone in directions it has never been before.

Derive approximate wind velocity for a multitude of recreational uses where wind is a factor , golf, disc golf, track & field, windsurfing, sailing, kite surfing, hunting, fishing, kite flying, model plane flying and many others. However, this application is not meant to take the place of scientific instrumentation where precise wind speed readings are required. Of course, the most obvious question is, “How do they do that?”. Is seems developers figured out a way to use the microphone built into an iPhone to take the measurements. Using a specific algorithm the application can take what is heard by the microphone and convert it to wind speed. This is a fun app and a useful tool for only .The application is available for US$0.99.