Make a Post Sumary or (Read More Function)

This is a great tip for bloggers working to develop there own blog and make revisions to simple templates making them more elaborate and pleasant to read--This how tip works with the layout module of Blogger HTML-I give thanks to a great teacher at Blogging Tutorial for this

Step #1 :

1. Login to blogger with your ID
2. In the dashboard page , click Layout.
3. Then click edit HTML tab.
4. Click the Download full template link. Save your template
(very important) I also save this HTML Code to a note pad
5. Please mark the little box beside Expand Widget Templates. Wait for a moment.
6. Go to your template code, and find the code like this

7. Delete the above code and change with this code


8. Click Save Template button
9. Step #1 is done.

Step 2
1. Click Setting tab.
2. Click formatting tab.
3. Go to lower side. you will find a blank text are beside Post Template. Fill that blank text area with this code


Don't add the the ( )

4. Click Save settings button.

How to post your article?

When you post your article, choose Edit HTML tab. and you will see the code below :

Place the first paragraph above of :

and place the rest of paragraph Here:

Save your post and preview it.

Your Done