Palm Pre spotted in Wild

The Palm Pre has escaped into the wild - two of the little fellas have turned up at something called the Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race in the US and, as luck would have it, someone was there to take some photos and chat to the owners.

The Palm Pre has until now been kept tightly under wraps by Palm, with only sanctioned Palm reps being allowed to so much as touch it during trade shows demos. Nevertheless, someone at Palm has unclenched and let two young people get their greasy mitts on a couple of handsets.

While at the annual (and self-explanatory) Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race in San Francisco, a sharp-eyed phone geek spotted that two young gentlemen were each wielding a Palm Pre and using it to take photographs of people bringing their own big wheels.

While taking the above pic (and a couple of others, see link below) the photographer managed to learn that the pair had been using the Palm Pre for “several weeks” and that we “probably won’t have to wait too much longer” before the phone is in the hands of regular folk like us.

While this does slightly smack of a staged photo-op in an attempt to sell the Pre as a ‘yoof’ phone, the pair claimed not to have been too impressed with the device at first, although they did say that recent updates to the phone had converted them.


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