The BlackBerry Storm 2: no SurePress-BB has had the pictures pulled from Crackberry

Now here is somerhing that might give the I and Pre a run for there money-A no ckick screen BB Stoem- I would have traded my BB World edition for one long ago, but the click creen turned me off--The Pre became my next want but now I do not know !!!!
Pictures of the next BlackBerry Storm recenty surfaced and it now looks as though SurePress may be dropped for the next version. This will be good news to many people who struggled with the long winded data entry in the first version and the dust that can creep under the screen. Haptic feedback may be employed, but details on that will come in time.

How about a question for the weekend? Which touch mechanism do you prefer the most? Stylus, haptic or the iPhone system?

Philippa said:

I’ve tried all three (if you include rumble in games for haptic). I prefer the iPhone capacitive for data entry but I do miss the stylus sometimes for more accurate control of games, drawing and so on.