Easy and Fast Book Inventory For Your Home Book Store

Easy and Fast Book Inventory For Your Home Book Store
by Maxim Smirnov
Are you a devoted book lover reading all the time and everywhere: in bed, while having dinner and going to work? Does reading engage all you spare time? Then your house must be full of all sorts of books, brochures, booklets perhaps, you don’t even know which books exactly you’ve got or some of them are in duplicate…, as you have been collecting and reading them for ages. If so, then you must be considering making your own book inventory.

Imagine yourself being the owner of a large book store and once and for all properly organize your "merchandise". You may suppose it should be a really hard and heart-breaking job, besides rather time-consuming and irritating at times. As you are a genuine bibliophile and the amount of books would seem impressive for an old salted book-veteran, to make a book inventory in your house would be a real toil… But stop here for a moment! We are people of the 21st century and technological progress has made our life a lot easier in many spheres, including this one. It’s as simple as that to make a book inventory nowadays, even if you are not an expert in this field or an experienced librarian!

If your collection of books is pretty extensive, advanced book management software is going to do everything for you within several hours and will display your book inventory in the most representative and dandified manner. It will help you to receive data about your favourites from the most popular online databases like Amazon.com. Powells.com, BarnesAndNoble.com and many others! Besides, you’re welcome to receive information about the books in many languages available. That’s just like having at hand cleverly organized global library in your native language!

The book inventory software interface is super easy to use, again available in more than ten languages (you’re sure to find your native one or that one you know well), so even a baby would be able to act as an expert librarian and use it correctly to get all the information about his or her favourite fairy tales without adults’ help!

To have a clear overview of your book inventory, you may export your database into HTML, CHM, Plaintext, Microsoft Excel and even to your mobile device in a breeze! Never again will you have to interrogate your memory trying to remember whether you have some book or not. Your friends will be greatly impressed!

By the way, speaking about friends, with the book inventory done by AllMyBooks you’ll never forget whom and when you gave a book from your adored collection. Well, I am sure, the option is just crucial for those mixers who have a lot of friends and regularly exchange books of theirs, so books are just like constant travelers who get lost somewhere… wondering how and when they finally get home. With AllMyBooks software your books will always travel according to the schedule! Smart embedded book sharing manager will be on guard of your collection and is sure to protect your book inventory from being lost!

Max Smirnov, Book Inventory Software Author http://www.bolidesoft.com/allmybooks