Getting Traffic With Fun Stuff

You have to relax once in a while and take your mind off the heavy duty stuff or you go wacky! All work and no play kinda thing :)

One day I introduced a picture of the New Palm Pre sold by Sprint cell phone on this blog, It was done in a new photographic form called a Mosaic. My site traffic on that one day increased by 300 % of normal. Even though it was fun stuff it helped out traffic.

With this tool you can upload any picture from your hard drive and create a Mosaic - The Mosaic contains over 300,000 small images and then forms your photo into a Mosaic Composite Photo similar to the one you see of Paris Hilton

"If an image is worth a thousand words, an image mosaic is worth a million"

I found this tool and have had some fun with it.

The key is click on the picture above of Paris Hilton and then it will open up the large Mosaic for view, The instruction says says: Cool hint: For full effect stand about 5 meters away from your computer and look at the resulting image mosaic.

I am giving out two free gifts today.

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