Play Texas Hold’em and win expensive software

Posted by Matt Cameron aka W4LNUT on May 14, 2009n Editorials, News, Spotlight, Top-Story and Weekly-Contest

Magmic Social’s resident poker pro: the Pirate is back. This week he’s giving away lots of BlackBerry booty for anyone who can beat him at his favorite game: Texas Hold ‘em King 3 Connected.

To win, track down, and eliminate the Pirate in a connected play money game. Once you’ve tracked down the Pirate, you’ll have to message him in-game so he knows you’re from BBCool. Say something like “hey, I’m from BBCool, yarr.” He’ll be playing all week on the $5-$10 tables. If you want to know exactly what table he’s playing on, check out Pirate’s Magmic Social player page
and it will tell you all about his recent activity.

Magmic Social is a great tool to connect with Friends and other BlackBerry gamers. If you’re a BlackBerry game fan you should check it out.

This week’s winners will get set up with Documents To Go Premium Edition for BlackBerry from the BlackBerryCool Store. This Premium app normally costs around $70 and is a must-have for anyone needing to reliably create, open, and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files while on the go.

There is no purchase necessary to participate in this contest as you can still meet and beat the Pirate with a 3-day trial version of THK3 from Blackberry games publisher Bplay. Once the Pirate has been beaten we will announce the winner in the comments below as well as in this contest’s discussion on Magmic Social.

Good Luck!