I got my own Palm Pre- (PP as I have affectionately dubbed it :)) two days ago.

Here are my continued observations and experiences. I will have more to follow as my journey continues. See first post down the page.

I would greatly appreciate comments and questions in the comment box at the bottom of this post. Before and after each description I will place a plus + or a minus _ for my impression

Day 3 with the Palm. Today was a work day and I did not have a good time with the PP.

I had it fully charged and ready to go- I brought my blue tooth Jabra headset with me to try it out- 1st off I could not get the Palm Pre to even see the Jabra. Both were fully charged and many attempts failed to recognize it-

Next problem I had was the difficulty compared to my old BB to make calls-On the BB all you have to do is start dialing or hit the send button and scroll to a previously dialed number and push--On the Pre you first have to activate the dial screen by touching the icon - I had placed it in the quick launch area to see if that would expedite it's opening-not so--besides not opening until you squarely touch the icon and tap it-you run the risk of opening the adjacent APP which I did on several occasions so I moved the phone Icon back off the quick launch area and used it on the main screen area-It was better but still cumbersome-I do not see why Palm did not make another way of opening the dial pad-

Again on calls I had trouble at the end of the call by my screen going dark and then I could not end the call until the dial pad came back-some times up to a minute after the call ended-

I was in a bad reception area most of the day and did not use the Palm that much, but when I was finished work and on the way home I went to call my Wife. To my amazement the Battery was dead, I had only used the phone for about an hour max on calls and maybe another hour with e mail--At this point I have not purchased a car charger and now I might not because the Palm Pre's longevity with me is getting slim:)

One other point I failed to mention-I called Sprint tech support in the early AM on the way to my destination and told them of my concerns that I had mentioned in the first review post.

1.The flimsy battery charger cover-That I am now calling the hanging Chad falling off-naturally the tech could not offer a solution to that other than returning the unit

2.The misinformation that the sales clerk gave me about tethering the Palm Pre to my lap top, as I was able to do with my BB-The Sprint rep said I would have to be on a different plan other than the simply everything plan that I was on and would have to pay an additional $ 30 for a data plan---I was furious and I said to him that this was outrageous especially that I had been able to use Sprint Smart View with the same plan that I have now with my BB---

3. The misinformation again from the sales person about my being able to capture video on the Palm Pre--NOT--He said maybe later with an update

Not a good first work day with the unit--Catch you later and PLEASE COMMENT and I will be back with more later