Super Affiliate – What is One?

Super Affiliate – What is One?
by Warren Marion
Found in APD

Being an affiliate marketer is a common phenomenon these days. However, there is a difference between the usual an affiliate marketer and a super affiliate. Wondering what this new term might mean? Well, super affiliates are those who eat, breathe and sleep affiliate marketing. They don’t treat affiliate marketing as a side job for making extra cash for the month. Affiliate marketing generally is or acts like their full time job.

When your daily bread depends on something you tend to take more care into doing it right than simply put up a website with your affiliate link, proclaiming yourself to be a marketer and making a few dollars everyday. Super affiliates treat their product like their baby. They nurture and nourish them as much as they can in order to achieve the best result.

It doesn’t take hours of sweat and toil to become a super affiliate, either. Many super affiliates invest about a fourth of their work hours on promoting their affiliate business. This is enough to earn them a considerable amount of income. However, you need to know the tricks of trade in order to expect the money to pour in.

•Make your customers believe that your product is the best in the market and they will have a lot to gain from purchasing it.

•Create a compelling website that contains useful details about your product and the business as a whole. Don’t fill the web content with irrelevant matter.

•Market your product on the Internet by using all the advertising tools you can think of: PPC (pay per click), classified ads, ezines, autoresponder message series, websites, pop up ads, blogs, ebanners and more.

•Use keywords and other search engine optimizing tools to drive maximum traffic to your website in all your promotional activities.

•Your product should be a back end product or have backend products and other items to sell (via your series and other promotional strategies).

•Mention the fact that you have personally used the product and benefited a lot from it. Personalizing advertisements will provide credibility to your marketing strategy.

•Keep a track of the popularity of your site, the number of hits per week that it is receiving and the search engine ranking that it enjoys on the Internet. Accordingly modify your marketing from time to time.

Before jumping into action you should have an exhaustive plan of how you are going to go about marketing your product as an affiliate. You need to fix a destination for yourself that you plan to reach within a certain period of time. Don’t rely on your memory to keep a record of your plan of actions and the ongoing events in your business.

Use tools and software like Excel spreadsheets and word docs to keep a track of the web address, the user ID, the password associated with it, the various links to different articles that you have listed, columns for article directories and many other such data that is required from time to time to keep a tab on the business as whole and its progress. The number of columns and the headings will increase as your business expands over time.

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