If you follow a lot of tweeters, it is very difficult to read all of there posts.

I believe that if you follow someone and they reciprocate by following you, then there content should be read the same way you want your content to be read by them. Otherwise why on earth would you follow them--I will discus that strategy some people use in another post

So personally I have set up several methods to get my job done. Call them tricks, filters or what have you, it helps me in reading all of my tweets that I follow-maybe not in one sitting but I will get to them

  • Use twitter karma, a very useful tool to see who is following you and who you following. equalize the list-they have great tools there to do that
  • Set your mobile device alerts on for the tweets you must read no matter what and off for the others. In that way you will still see all of your followers on your home page and only get alerts on the friends and family, co workers etc..that you deem essential and must read NOW
  • Use twitter fall I have found this site extremely useful when I want to filter out and find tweets that interest me and also see my whole universe of followers by color code. I can pause the flow and read and then continue
  • I also use tweet deck for important grouping of my tweets. Groups such as News, Politics, Work, etc..

More to come on tools later Follow us with the link to your left and you all come back here ya hear !!