Barack Obama The Commander in Geek

Is there a more tech savvy politician in Washington or for that matter, the world? NOT

He has pretty much bullied the CIA into letting him keep his precious BlackBerry, and on election night sparked a wave of news nerdiness, with NBC using a Microsoft Surface touchscreen computer to illustrate his victory, while CNN went one better, using a “holographic” reporter to recount his progress towards power.

In the run up to his election, Obama also bought advertising space inside computer games, reaching out to young voters using Madden ‘09 and Grand Theft Auto. His weekly addresses were even the first downloadable YouTube videos. Who says politicians are out of touch?

Like Paris in the previous article - Will he get a Palm Pre--U Bet--I am not sure if he will trade in his Blackbery but he can have both !! after all he is the Commander in Geek