Britney Spears Fans Want Their Money Back

A website has been set up for all attendees wanting a refund from Britney Spears and/or AEG Live and/or Ticket Master for money spent on attending her show in Vancouver, Canada on Wednesday April 8, 2009.

Britney Spears, AN ALLEGED SMOKER, stopped her show for close to 40 minutes on Wednesday night leaving all of her fans stunned. After an initial 20 minutes of silence and no updates at all, some concert goers left the arena believing the concert had been cancelled.

The concert came to a halt, lights off, for over 20 minutes - when a woman announced that the show would not continue if people kept smoking (marijuana and cigarettes). The announcer stated that it was unsafe for Britney and the performers to continue with the concert. Nearly 30 minutes later, Spears finally took to the stage again without a word to the audience.

At this point, alleged lip synching or not - the momentum was ruined for many.

Many people attending Britney's concert have incurred significant costs related to attending her show. Some paid a lot of money for inflated ticket prices through ticket brokers, transportation costs to the show, airline tickets, hotel costs etc. In exchange for fan's commitment in supporting Britney's comeback, supporters did not receive the value for their investment.

Smokey Venue? A majority of the smoke that existed in the venue came from the smoke and fog machines created by Britney's team. Many would agree that ventilation was not enough of an issue to stop the show. GM Place is a relatively new stadium with all of the latest bells and whistles. We aren't talking about an aging auditorium with 30 years old fans.

A website has been created in order to collect names and contact information of fan's who wish to band together and get there money back from Britney et al. Too often these high paid perfumers take in millions of dollars from hard working concert goers and don't put in the effort or consideration of giving the consumer fair value. Fans say - 'enough is enough

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Further information: The News Blaze