### Good luck Ted! Make your Grandpa Fitzgerald proud! ###

Ted Kennedy getting booed at Fenway? That's like the Pope getting booed at St. Peters. Kennedy is a hero, icon, and legend in Massachussetts. It's no fluke that he's been re-elected as senator for 40 years. If he throws the first pitch, the fans will stand, cheer, and cry.

Can't we put politics on the backburner for a day? I can't stand Obama, I didn't vote for him and consider myself a republican but Teddy K is an American Icon! Let him have his moment today and show respect for all he has done for this country. If he gets booed, I am buying a Yankee Hat and wearing it all season. I will also cancel my membership to Red Sox nation. I have confidence that true Red Sox fans have class and do the right thing.

ha what that we have individual minds and the ability to articulate them? Nice try but Red Sox away games are still the highest attended and thats due to the fact we have fans all over the place. Once you are touch by the sawx you are loyal for life, and for those of us that were part of RSN before 04 it was as much to do about the other members of RSN as it was the team. I would happily sit in the bleachers with any sawx fanyell and sing, then argue our different opinions on anything else.... even those that believe the earth is flat

Those of you that are annoyed or embarrassed by some of the boarderline dumb stuff that your fellow fans spill out on this board ought know that those same fans troll the sites of other teams a spew that drivel on every body else. I've always had a lot of respect for Sox' fans. It just seems winning had the same effect on the fan base that winning had on the New York Mets of the 80's. I find it ironic that the current Red Sox remind me so much of those Met's Teams (there's an error on Buckner) Just remember Dykstra, Carter, Howard Johnson, Keith Hernandez, Mookie Wilson, Wally Backman. Those of you that have been around may be able to understand why the rest of the country feels the way they do about your team and fan base.

The only civilians that need guns are police, security personel, livestock farmers and sports shooters. Name me one other group that needs guns. You can't. 30,694 deaths from firearms in 2005(The last collected Data). Came in third just under poisoning which are basically drug overdoses. Now do you believe that drugs should be allowed. The top source of guns by criminals; 35% from Family and Friends then Retail Stores come in secondwith 15%. As Family and friends are law abiding citizens they would have bought them licensed so thatts 50% sold by retailers and approved by your government.....elected by you. Take all of them away from the criminals and law abiding citizens (that don't really want the guns, but as the government allows the sale of them to criminals, they feel they need them) As the murder rate free falls police will have more time on their hands to tackle your drug problem. But fight terror instead at a cost of $611,300,000,000. How many have died from terror this year?