HD video out confirmed for new iPhone?

By Will Park at intomobile

apple logo HD video out confirmed for new iPhone?Media-philes will probably know all too well the iPhone’s shortcomings in the video output department.

The iPhone and iPhone 3G are only capable of barely-HD 480i video-out resolutions, making it woefully inadequate for playing back movies or TV shows on large TVs and pretty much any decent computer monitor. But, that’s all about to change with the upcoming launch of the third-generation iPhone. Reports of an upcoming Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) AV Cable confirm that future iPhone and iPod Touch hardware will be capable of playing back full-HD video at 720p and 1080i resolutions!

PhoneNews is reporting that Apple has advised its Apple Authorized Resellers to start clearing out any remaining Composite AV Cable and Apple Component AV Cable stock. The move is aimed at cutting down inventory ahead of the introduction of Apple’s new Apple AV Cable, which consolidates the functions of both the Composite and Component AV iPhone-cables.

Apple is also apparently looking to shift focus from the Apple TV to the iPhone. By endowing the iPhone lineup with true HD-output, Apple will be looking to redefine the iPhone as the most convenient way to bring digital media to the TV screen. The future iPhone will be able to playback HD videos from its on-board library of videos, but will also be able to stream videos over your wireless home-network. The iPhone will connect to your computer’s iTunes library over WiFi and stream videos to your TV over the Apple AV Cable, essentially acting as an Apple TV. And, because the iPhone streams videos from your computer, you have almost limitless storage capacity for HD videos!

Streaming-video iPhone applications like TV.com and the upcoming Hulu iPhone app may give the iPhone even greater appeal as a media-hub of sorts. We’ll no doubt see full-HD streaming video coming online soon enough, and when that happens, the iPhone will be waiting to stream all that “HDelicious” content to your big-screen TV.

It’s not clear when the Apple AV Cable will become available, but we’re not likely to see it before the official launch of the new iPhone (or iPhones).