Hotmail inboxes: Here today, gone yesterday?

Some Hotmail users have been reporting that when attempting to log into Microsoft’s Web-based mail service, their inboxes were nowhere to be found.

Most of the problems seemed to occur on April 9 (Thursday). In an early-morning April 10 posting to one of its Hotmail blogs, Microsoft officials said the problem appeared to be fixed:

“Some of you experienced an unusual message when you signed into Windows Live Hotmail on Thursday evening (PST) that said ‘You don’t have an inbox…yet.’ Rest assured that your email is safe! The incorrect message was caused by a networking issue that we encountered while doing routine maintenance. We have corrected the problem and you should be able to access your Hotmail account at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience that was caused by this issue, and we thank you for using Hotmail.”

I didn’t notice any problems with my Hotmail account, and apparently, quite a few other users didn’t, either. But there were definitely some folks who got the “no inbox yet” message.

LiveSide notes that it wasn’t just Hotmail users who had problems yesterday. Some Xbox Live, Zune Marketplace also experienced outages on April 9. The cause, apparently, was the same networking problem which hit certain Hotmail users.

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