Watch Netflix or Hulu streaming Media on your TV

I am an avid movie nut-I got fed up paying exorbitant fees to the cable company for movies that are not only outdated but repeat far too often on premium Channels such as HBO, Stars.

Here is what I did to get the latest movies and also watch them instantly on my TV I hope this feature will be available on Palm Pre as an app

I went and got a Netflix subscription. Netflix is a DVD rental service- They are not an advertiser of mine but I do recommend there product highly

They have several plans the cheapest being $4.99 a month--1 DVD at-a-time Limit 2 DVDs per month up to $16.99 a month for 3 DVD s at-a-time and exchange DVD s as often as you like.

I opted for the 3 at a time plan since cable subscriptions were running me 2 and 3 times that amount per month. Now I have my pick of what to watch and when--

They also have a neat feature that I have used quite a bit. Watch Instantly- This feature allows you to watch a movie on your laptop instantly. They boast of over 12,000 titles.

There are other service's that have these downloads also and are quite good. Hulu and Amazon Video on Demand are two of these, there are others that you can search for on Google

You can watch these streaming media downloads from the comfort of your living room on your TV. This takes either an adapter box, Netflix sells one for $ 99-or a cheap do it yourself hookup.

Here is Netflix's ad for a set top box--

"Over 12,000 choices instantly to your TV. Instantly watch movies and TV episodes on your TV in as little as 30 seconds. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and any Netflix ready device — a one-time purchase starting at $99. Watch as much as you want — watching instantly is included in your membership. You still get all your DVD s by mail, but now you'll also get movies & TV episodes streamed instantly to your TV."

You can also hook your computer up to your TV without buying a box but you have to know how to do it and what cables to buy.

I have been a fan of Kim Komando for quite a while-She has a radio show and computer and digital photography web site that is full of tips--She has one just on this subject--and will show you haw to set your PC up--

Until next time I am signing off and don't forget to visit Kim at this link--Kim Komando