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Which cell phone is the most popular with the Rich and Famous

Which cell/smart phone gets carried by the rich and famous--You might be surprised--I think the Palm Pre had better hurry

Nicole Kidman ( pictured) at the Academy of Country Music awards in Vegas! She was there to support her husband, Keith Urban, and brought pics of their daughter, Sunday Rose. Cute!

Yo-Yo Ma uses an Apple i Phone at a game

Some bloggers wrote recently
We have several Washington Redskins players that come into my dry cleaning store, I'll pay attention next time and see what they are using. A couple of years ago a lot of them had Motorola V3's.

I saw a photo of Lindsay Lohan with a blackberry curve few weeks ago.

I know at one time Paris Hilton and her gang were all using sidekicks...i don't know if they still do though.

Didn't one of the Desperate Housewives have a party for the Samsung Blackjack 2?

Miley Cyrus Phone: Apple iPhone

The iPhone has plenty of fans in the corporate and tech worlds, but Hollywood celebrities are a little cool these day toward the trendy device. Celebs like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton tried out the phone earlier in the year, but seem to have put it aside. Miley Cyrus appears to be a new fan. On a recent Oprah episode, she could be seen clutching the sleek Iphone.

Paris Hilton Phone: Black Berry Curve by Research in Motion

If you believe the entertainment bloggers, the Black Berry is now the most popular celeb phone. And Paris Hilton is its biggest crush. Hilton, like Lindsay Lohan and Lauren Conrad of The Hills, favors the Curve, the round-edged, consumer-friendly version of the business-minded smart phone. Michael Vartan, Marcia Cross and Katharine McPhee also snapped up Curves at its recent launch.

Audrina Partridge Phone: Black Berry Pearl by Research In Motion

The slim Pearl has some celebrity fans, such as Audrina Partridge from The Hills. But most stars favor traditional Blackberry's with full QWERTY keyboards for ease of use, says Jacky Chui of Celebrity Black Berry Spotting Gifting company Backstage Creations gave the Pearl to celebrities in January.

David Beckham Phone: Motorola RAZR2

You might be able to get Motorola's latest RAZR for free--depending on which cellphone carrier you use. But a boatload of celebrities received RAZR2 gifts this year. They include David Beckham, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, Fergie, John Krasinski from The Office, Kirsten Dunst and Cuba Gooding Jr.

Chris Brown Phone: Nokia N95

Nokia's N95 is a chart-topper in Europe and a favorite of Chris Brown, Will.I.Am and Simon Le Bon, who recently picked up the phone at the American Music Awards. Avril Lavigne, Daughtry and Lenny Kravitz are also fans.

Beyoncé Phone: Nokia 8800 Sirocco Gold

The Nokia 8800 Sirocco Gold is clearly a phone for a diva. Beyoncé and Celine Dion own the luxe phone. Dion is a gracious goddess, however: Her phone sings out with ring tones composed by Brian Eno, rather than her own repertoire.

Tyra Banks Phone: Samsung B'Phone

Beyoncé also has her own phone, the super-slim, double-sided B'Phone, launched in October in partnership with Samsung. Tyra Banks makes her calls using the B'phone, too.

Hayden Panettiere Phone: Sidekick LX by T-Mobile/Danger

Its innovative design and full keyboard boosted the Sidekick into celebrity-favorite territory years ago. Hayden Panettiere, Nick Cannon, Ashton Kutcher, Rachel Bilson and Jennifer Hudson use the LX, a model that boasts a high-definition screen and mood lights that change color to indicate incoming calls or messages.

Ryan Cabrera Phone: Sony Ericsson W580i Walkman Phone

This music phone from Sony Ericsson is popular with musicians, including Ryan Cabrera and teen pop duo Aly and AJ.

Shia LaBeouf Phone: Palm 680

Celebrities young and old like the Palm 680. Users include Shia LaBeouf, Dennis Hopper, Michael Bay, Nick Lachey, Lily Tomlin and Ben Kingsley.

Steve Carrell Phone: Palm 700p

Perhaps there's something particularly funny about the Palm 700p. Steve Carrell owns it, as do Saturday Night Live actors Jason Sudeikis and Kristen Wiig, as well as Neil Patrick Harris.

Snoop Dogg

Phone: Jawbone Headset

Traditional cellphones aren't the only draw at celebrity gifting suites. Cellphone accessories, such as these Bluetooth Jawbone headsets are popular giveaways as well, says Shruti Dhalwala of gifting company Backstage Creations. At the Teen Choice Awards, Snoop Dogg scooped up a headset, as did Ludacris, Vanessa Hudgens, Sophia Bush and Miley Cyrus.

Terrence Howard

Phone: Vonage V-Phone

Backstage Creations gifted Vonage's V-Phone, which enables computers to make phone calls, to Golden Globes nominees and presenters this year. Recipients included Terrence Howard, David Arquette and Courtney Cox, Jessica Biel and Tina Fey.

Most shocking among celeb's cellphone choices, however, is the device that most of them aren't using--namely, Apple's (nasdaq: AAPL - news - people ) chic iPhone.

Some celebrities flirted with the iPhone when it debuted. Lindsay Lohan was photographed with one in July. But she soon returned to her BlackBerry, judging from paparazzi photos. Same with Hilton. "The iPhone just kind of faded away," says Dale of GeekSugar. Dale figures the better email service on BlackBerrys may be one reason. There's certainly another element in play, however: Apple disdains the gifting organizations. It may give out iPhones itself, but the company chooses not to play with independent "gifting" organizations.

On average, however, the device of choice for the stars is that gadget that once identified a corporate road warrior: the BlackBerry. Dale figures the BlackBerry's superior email service has helped it bond with the stars. Chui thinks BlackBerry's reputation as a business-minded phone played a role. "Being photographed with a BlackBerry shows people, 'I'm serious; I'm a mini-mogul," he says.

But most phone companies believe any association with a celebrity reaps benefits. "People out here [in L.A.] may be getting the phones for free," says Motorola's director of entertainment marketing, David Pinsky who has given away his share of phones. "But they're the ones influencing the people in the middle of America to buy."


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