Lets talk cell phones! and Please comment

I am sure you probably have a cell phone otherwise you might not have come across this post--
I would like to examine the 3 or 4 major players in the cell phone market. I Phone, Blackberry, Palm Pre (yet to be released) and Android

I have a Blackberry World Edition-Up to the present it has served me well. Before I had a Blackberry I went through several flip type phones, Nokia, Motorola etc--They did not serve me as well as my Blackberry has--Mainly because I rely on emails and now twitter, Facebook and the web browser.

My World Edition web browser is slow and you can not pinch and expand as you can with the new guys

I am thinking of upgrading to another phone not because the email with my Blackberry but because I want better web apps. plain and simple and a better web browser as I have mentioned

If you want apps I guess you have to give Apple the edge with the I Phone apps store they have--numbering now in the thousands..From what I see Blackberry is trying hard to catch up but they have a long way to go--Where does that leave Palm and the new Pre? or the other players

The Pre has caught my fancy because of two features--!. the QWERTY keyboard, although they could have made it work with a larger horizontal one instead of the narrower vertical one, but it is still a keyboard as compared to the touch I Phone or the Storm click screen--I will reserve my thoughts on it until I try it--I have big fingers 2. The ability for relationship matching with calenders email etc that The Palm OS has developed--

I would like your thoughts on the comment section to see what you can add to the mix any why are you thinking of X cell phone as your next purchase

Please add your comments