What do you think about Reverse Phone Number Lookup Service - Are They Any Good?

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By Richard Magnanti
As a small business owner, there are a million tools and applications out there that are intended to make your life a lot easier. One of the better one's that I have located is a reverse phone number lookup service. The way I incorporate this service is that I actually create a spreadsheet with all of my client's pertinent information. If you spend some time to put this database together, using a reverse phone number lookup service, your database will continue to grow, as will your business.

Now I know what you are thinking, yes, there are many free reverse phone number services out there. But what do they really offer? Now, here is the big question, what if the caller is conducting business using a cellular phone? These free services do not have the ability to give you any information from a cell phone caller. What I have found is that the only thing I can come up with is the service providers name as well as a city and state. So using a reverse phone number service can actually be beneficial to you. We also use the reverse service to help ward off those predatory vendors that always seem to be calling. One thing that I'm sure we all have noticed is when they call all you get is an "unknown caller" message on your caller ID. This frustrates me to no end. How we incorporate the reverse phone search is that we actually call them back and tell them to put us on their do not call list, thus ensuring our phone lines aren't held up by these sales people. I cannot stress enough how much this has worked for us. Yes we do have our clients contact information, but without a reverse phone number lookup service, we wouldn't know nearly as much.

If you are interested in checking out the service we use, then feel free to go to http://www.whotheheckcalledme.com Put your own cell phone number and see how this reverse phone lookup service works.

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