The First 24 Reviews From Real People Like Us On The Pre

Here are 24 reviews hot off the press from Best Buy--That is the only place presently that has the Palm Pre for sale-Yesterday I did a story on this Blog telling of my experience buying one or even trying one at Sprint or Best Buy-KEYBOARD AND BATTERY LIFE WATCH VERY DISAPPOINTING

There are a few reviews here that I would discount as "you will never please this person type" and there are a few that are really objective-One review on the next page is from a person who says he has been reviewing the Pre for two week-His review should be read..more to come in later additions--SIGN UP TO THIS BLOG AND WE WILL BE THE CONDUIT FOR APPS FOR THE PRE AS THEY ARE INTRODUCED

1.What's great about it: Size, Weight, WebOS
What's not so great: Still needs a little polish

"Just picked up today, great phone. Touchstone is so cool, wish I could have bought one for home & office (got last one).

Entering text is a bit clunky as you can't cursor left and right (or at least I haven't figured that feature out yet). If not, I'm sure they will address that in an update."

2.What's great about it: Ability to run multiple applications at once.
What's not so great: Difficult to use, keyboard is too small

"I am still waiting to see why I stood in line to get this phone. I have not yet found anything overly impressive on the phone. It's not very intuitive in it's functioning and I don't see how it's any different than anything else out for years now."

3.What's great about it: Well, nothing.....
What's not so great: Well everything...

"Wow... was I expecting a winner here, but I was handed a pile of worthless junk. Let me start by saying I WAS a Palm user since 1995 when I purchased my first Pilot, which I still own and it still works. Since then I have owned a Palm device and always expected to. That is to say until the kid working at the Sprint store handed me the Pre today. Palm used to be a device you could count on to work and work well. It was a great business tool that did the things it should and did not cater to the "bells and whistles" crowd that the iPhone does. The Treo line continued this tradition of devices that worked to perfection. The Pre abandons all of this and it does it in spectacular fashion. This thing felt like one of my kids plastic toys for starters. It has a clunky interface that requires two hands to operate. The Treo I currently own can be driven like a Porsche with the thumb of one hand. The lack of applications that actually do anything reminds me of the day my wife came home with her Instinct, the other gimick phone from Sprint that is just as worthless. I guess may days with Palm are numbered now, looks like my next phone will be a BB......"

4.What's great about it: Easy to use, perfect wieght, Great price and its awesome
What's not so great: Everything is great about it

"Love the pre it cuts cheese and Its just the perfect phone."

5.What's great about it: Metachlorians
What's not so great: No lightsaber (app) at launch

"Finally... this phone will bring balance to the force, and so will this review, against all the iPhone fannyboyz who try to bring down their one true competitor which will make their phone feel inferior.

Wait until Palm polishes up the webOS and releases a new touch device with a larger screen... only a Sith Lord could stop it."

6.What's great about it: ITUNES!!!!
What's not so great: The keypad is small.

"SO happy to have a choice on a phone, no more iphone! Yes!"

7.What's great about it: ITUNES!!!!
What's not so great: The keypad is small.

"SO happy to have a choice on a phone, no more iphone! Yes!"

8.What's great about it: There is finally a great phone out there for those of us who don't want an AT&T phone.

"The full key pad makes text messaging very simple. Also the syncing with iTunes is amazing. Love the feel and weight of the phone. Also with an invisabile shield on the phone the screen stays clean and scratch free, which is great too."

9.What's great about it: The stories about how great it is,
What's not so great: Everything !!

"I like when people talk down on apple products, the pre-mature is a knockoff of an IPHONE. Name me one idea Apple has taken from any of these so called IPHONE killers. But these touchscreen jackers like Blb, Htc, Palm, etc. have been making cellphones for more than ten years. But they're constantly stealing ideas from a 1 year, 11 month old IPHONE. You can't compare an IPHONE to a pre-mature or any other knockoffs, it's like comparing apples to oranges. The IPHONE will always be the King of Smartphones."

10.What's great about it: I like the few cool things of User Interface. For the most time its very smooth.
What's not so great: Keyboard turned out not be what I expected. Feels like cheap plastic buttons.

"I think it takes some time to get used to, but Pre in general doesn't have any cool apps like iPhone has. I like the syncing feature, yet its not perfect. There's not enough options of syncing all of your accounts to one phone.
It feels great in the hand, but I know for sure its gonna get scratched like crazy.

There's nothing revolutionary about this phone like Palm makes it to be. I was little disappointed."

11.What's great about it: Great touchscreen, CDMA network, iTunes compatible
What's not so great: Small keyboard, icky feel

"I had high expectations of the Pre. Ever since the HTC Touch was announced, I was looking for a decent touch screen with a slider, and expected the Pre to be the godsend.

Unfortunately, my hopes were too high.

What we have here is an iPhone on a CDMA network. The keyboard is frankly unusable for anyone at/above average height. While the OS is great, it doesn't really do anything the iPhone doesn't, except for the search function, which is pretty cool. The screen itself is smooth, but not a game changer.

For those on Sprint's network already, this is probably the best option out there if you're going to shell out $200 plus get a plan upgrade. For current iPhone users - might as well wait and see rather than get locked up for two years."

12.What's great about it: The calender is so great - I can keep track of my whole family's activities. The camera is amazing too!
What's not so great: I hope it will come in other colors soon.

"The Palm Pre is a great new phone. It's easy to use, great looking, and I LOVE the keyboard. Even a mirror on the back. The touchstone is sleek and innovative. Bye bye blackberry Hello Palm Pre!"

13.What's great about it: it's contact sync, static touch, processor/sprint speed, run multiple apps, WebOS, very responsive, wifi, usb 2..0...etc
What's not so great: Slight concerns about future apps (but who needs 50,000 apps that may seldomly be used as a whole ie Iphone)...

"First my disclaimer: I believe the Iphone is a great phone and will continue to be. However...I believe that this phone is easily more than even what you will get out of the new Iphone in June...."

14.What's great about it: Multi tasking, ease of use, synergy
What's not so great: not out soon enough,lol

"This is not an iphone killer. It is the next step in evolution and the iphone can not compare. Do not believe the earlier apple fan boys. If you have an iphone and touch the pre, you will not go back to the iphone. It does anything the iphone can, but can do it all at one time ie...multitasking. This is a beautiful phone with an even more beautiful software."

15.What's great about it: Easy to use, nice set-up, works on Sprint
What's not so great: Not in multiple colors

"All I can say is Synergy. The phone works marvelous. You can have multiple windows open at the same time. The phone isn't locked down by a company with a big head that feels the need to think for me. Most of all the little things like removing my battery, getting to use my internet whenever I want, and not being on a terrible network."

16.What's great about it: Quick, Multitasker, Send Picture Mail,
What's not so great: One color

"I have been previewing a Palm Pre and it blows the iPhone away on speed and solidness. Keyboard allows me to type twice as fast as iphone and far less mistakes. Palm pre allows multitasking like all Smartphones should. The battery life blows away my old junky iphone that goes barley an hour while playing ligtht saber on it. The camera shoots quickly and with quality. Overall the Pre is a much better phone."

17.What's great about it: touchstone is awesome, multi apps really work and its a way cool phone
What's not so great: didn't see a lot of 3rd party apps yet

"I have been beta testing this phone and it is really awesome !! Multiple apps just work .. exactly the way you've been seeing them in demo's .. email and calendar is great, I love the way notifications are not ever in your face. The device has a cool and stony touch to it. Sure it looks a bit like the iphone but it actually gets better ... I love the way Pandora goes into the background and the way you can browse multiple windows ... also the way the phone becomes a clock when you put it on the touchstone .. I've tested Sprint Navigation on the Pre and its awesome. I like that I'm able to see my facebook, google and exchange contacts in one place ... what I want to see is more apps being made for this phone ... did see some software snags but Palm was always quick on updates ... in the end I have to say this - Yes it works, and it works amazingly well !! Go for it !!!"

18.What's great about it: Multi-Tasking, 3.0Camera, TouchScreen
What's not so great: Not yet released, Touchstone is $70 eek

"--Multi-Tasking -5 Stars
--3.0MP camera (versus iphones 2.0 camera )
--SYNERGY - (syncing all ur data/contacts through multiple sources )
--Physical QWERTY keyboard
--WEBOS - this means better battery life & easier programming for the app store
--Backward Compatibility (this means ull have access to 30,000 apps already created for PALM products.
--The wireless touchstone charger is simply gorgeous and innovative

To put quite simply, its very responsive, clean, and innovative. It creates the perfect blend between your work,life, and fun. The only downside is the screen is 0.4" smaller than iphone, but it does not hinder the functionality one bit. The WEB-OS software adds a new dimension to functionality on phones that makes multi-tasking, contacts, scheduling effortless. If your someone who needs the power of a laptop in your hand, and all the candy that makes it fun (camera,apps,flash support [not yet, but is coming] ). Well, why are you still here reading this? Go out and get one."

19.What's great about it: web os
What's not so great: battery life could be better

"ok i am crackberry lover and at@T loyalist untill i have layed my hands on my buddys palm pre. The phone feels great in the hand aliitle bit heavy, the keyboard is amazing similar to that of a curve 8900. if you have centro or any blackberry getting used to the keyboard is easy. the whole operating system is amazing no glitches not slowdowns just works. my favorites are the web browser, the card views and synergy. the big suprise for me was sprint service. sprint compared to at&t is like night and day, sprint internet is blazing fast with the evdo. I have been a fanboy for to long and now i see the light, sprint will be gaining a customer come june 6th and i will have my first palm device. good luck to everyone on trying to get one in june."

20.What's great about it: Nothing. It's an iPhone rip off that's not as good.
What's not so great: $849.99 Is that a joke.iPhone $299 Tough decision!

"Do not buy!! Wait for the iphone. Or u will be sorry!"

21.What's great about it: It looks Kinda shiney
What's not so great: Bad Call Quality, Extremely Slow, Horrilbe Data Speeds

"I haven't even had the Phone a day. Its constantly freezing on me. Its drops my calls often. Palm Still has a ton of glitches to work out! Its email features are very frustrating to say the least. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!
Palm Has some serious issue's with this phone"

22.What's great about it: Size, Software Integration, Sprint Network
What's not so great: Freezes Randomly, Battery Life, Speakers Quiet, Web it VERY jumpy,

"I've been reviewing the Palm Pre now for 2 weeks. It has it's great traits but, I have been an iPhone owner for almost 2 years now and I WILL NOT make the switch. Apple's iPhone dominates in battery life while use similar features (web, calls, and e-mail.) Palm's Pre does one thing really well - bring your personal and business life together as one. If that is all you need in a phone, then the Pre is for you. However, if you are looking to actually use it for power (any gaming, movie watching, prolonged music listening, or prolonged web use), this IS NOT the phone for you. I would recommend this phone to people that need it mainly as a phone but want occasional email and web access. The keyboard is nice but, I've gotten so much faster on the iPhone's keyboard that now I type twice as fast on the iPhone! Other than those tidbits, everything seemed to be OK. Like I said, web was jumpy at times, random crashes are definitely frustrating but...hopefully Palm will come through with an update that fixes these items. Sprint service was excellent!"

23."This is without a doubt the best PDA phone ever created. Unlike the iPhone, which can only run a few native apps in the background, the Pre can multiple applications at the same time, without needing special approval from the manufacturer. It also has a plastic shell, instead of glass, meaning that if you drop it onto a hard surface, it won't shatter like an iPhone screen."

24.What's great about it: Arguably the most cutting edge, intuitive, enjoyable, easy-to-use mobile phone ever develop by mankind. Really.
What's not so great: Demand will make it harder to get than the Wii.

"Your life will be easier. You will be even cooler."

24.What's great about it: All of it's features and the fact that it isn't an Apple
What's not so great: None

"This phone rocks! It's has cat-like skills because it is swift and fast!"