Get a Palm Pre Tattoo For a Free Pre: Save $199, Lose a Lifetime of Dignity

By Adam Frucci GIZMODO

Lou wanted a free Palm Pre. So, naturally, he got a Palm Pre tattoo. Wait, what?

This isn't some guy who's covered in tattoos already, either. This is Lou's very first and only tattoo, a big ugly Palm Pre right on his shoulder. He will get his precious smartphone courtesy of PreCentral.net, but you've gotta wonder how long it'll be before he starts trying to get a different website to pay for the laser removal. I mean, for chrissakes, the free phone is only worth $199! Come on, Lou, you could have gotten so much more for an equally embarrassing tattoo if you only knew how to market yourself.

So what do you think: is this more or less sad than Zune tattoo guy? I think Zune guy is still the saddest, as he didn't get free anything for his permanent branding (that he's since changed into something

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