Turn your old junk into a $10k a month online business... Part 5.

(A pauper's guide to getting started...)

Hi, Folks!

This article summarises the current series, “Turn your old junk into a $10k a month online business...” New readers may choose to review my previous articles.

So far our aim has been to demonstrate that starting up an online business is within easy reach of any individual – any motivated individual, at least – if he or she would just refine their definition of the word “asset” to include anything and everything in their possession that may have some value if not to themselves then potentially to someone else.

Selling your old unwanted items on eBay, Amazon Marketplace, or in the real world at “Carboot”or “Garage” sales can yield a respectable sum of money with which to venture into business online.

If you can raise $200, you can get started. In future articles we will examine actual business models and systems that any newbie can quickly get their teeth into and start making money online fast!

For now, let's recap: You do not need a fortune in capital to start earning money online. Sell your old stuff on eBay. Choose Paypal as your preferred method of receiving payment and in just a week to 10 days you can have a little “pot of gold” with which to set up shop.

By adding the Paypal Prepay Visa Card to your account you will have instant access to your funds. No need to transfer money from one account to another. Keep your business capital separate from your beer money!

Learn to get top dollar for your goods by following the seven step strategy outlined in part three of this series.

You are most likely to achieve your objective if you are motivated, and if you believe you can succeed. Forget the notion that you need a lot of money to start up your own online business. Thanks to the internet, we truly live in an age of miracles where you can earn a lot of money starting with very little.

Say posted for reviews of successful systems, such as Mack Michaels' Maverick Moneymakers investment “club”. Mack is mentor to several thousand new affiliate marketeers who have made an initial investment of under $100 and who are now proving that you don't need a fortune to get started earning a respectable income online.

If this seems unlikely to you, then you should examine your own mindset and be prepared to revise your current way of thinking. Don't let pessimism and/or laziness hold you back.

Raising funds the way we have suggested here, effectively means that your risk element is effectively zero. And this is the point we have been making all along:

If you will only believe it, you can be earning a healthy income online in just a few weeks starting from nothing more than the useless bric-a-brac you surround yourself with everyday.

Put your old junk to use in the way we have already outlined and you can become master of your own destiny. The next step would be to make your money work for you.

We will discuss compounding your returns in the next instalment.

Till then,

Happy hunting!


If you would like to learn more about earning $10k monthly starting from scratch, or to view Mack Michaels' free video tutorials visit http://www.MaverickMoneymakersRegister.com Gavin Barnes is an online systems tester and author, and a part-time affiliate marketeer.