On Wall Street, it's Palm vs. RIM

Palm's shares have soared in advance of the release of the long-awaited Palm Pre smartphone while BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion

has been mired in a slump, according to a published report that analyzes the prospects of the two companies. Wall Street Journal, The (03/19) as reported by smart brief
It is this writers hunch that RIM has something major up its sleeve considering the new I Phone upgrade this summer and the Palm Pre's release--
The Palm is Sprints Baby as far as carriers and the I Phone A T & T's but the Blackberry is spread between them--
Verizon has the Bold and it has not been as spectacular as everyone had anticipated-Mainly I believe because of some glitches in the screen mechanism and other features plus the apps not being as voluminous as the I Phone

Watch RIMM to do a makeover at Verizon's request--Just a hunch

By the way click on the picture of the Blackberry Mosaic and get a giant picture of what it is made of--
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two mosaics at Palm Pre and I Phone