Latest news on my quest for a palm pre

I have referenced palm pre in small letters because they are most likely going to be my X carrier--:(

My local Sprint Stores --4 of them--do not have any and can not tell me when they will be getting them. They said they can not even order them. How nice--They told me that the only ones who have them are Best Buy.

So I called Best Buy (large because I like them) Hi do you have any palm pre's left--I tried to speak palm pre in small letters but I am not sure the clerk realized that--No sir the one, !!!!! 1 (one) we had was sold out the moment the store opened--
Wow that is great for palm Again kinda small reference. Do you have a demo so I can touchy feely--Oh no, they will not allow demos, as they want to flood the market with as many as they can--no one has demos--Do you know when you are going to get another shipment and will it be more than 1? No, No one knows but I can put you on a waiting list to notify you--AHH no thanks, I actually am waiting for the new I Phone - sorry, Thanks for asking

This experience was almost as bad as this one I previously reported SEE IT NOW


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