Sprints policy with existing customers regarding the Palm Pre Just goes to show you wher you are in the food chain!!!

Today after waiting to be notified by Sprint of the Palm Pres release--I had signed up quite a while ago for a email notification--Never receiving one I finally had to call and check my upgrade options

According to my site on Sprint PCS I am entitled to a $ 150 rebate against a new phone upgrade--I have a Blackberry World Edition presently--

Here is how my chat went

5:26:35 PM System System
Connected to sprint-ap1.cnxchat.com
5:26:35 PM System System
Session ID: 6206447
5:26:41 PM System System
Please hold and the next available agent will be with you shortly.
5:26:46 PM System System
Hi! Thanks for waiting. Because we take your security and privacy very serious, please be prepared to provide your account PIN or password or security answer.
5:27:01 PM System System
Thanks for your patience. We look forward to chatting with you.
5:27:01 PM System System
While you wait, did you know you can check usage information or review your account balance at your convenience at sprint.com? It's fast, easy and available 24 hours 7 days a week.
5:27:06 PM System System
Log in at Sprint.com and look for the “My Phone and Plan” section, then click “Usage Details”. Please continue to wait…the next available specialist will be with you shortly.
5:27:11 PM System System
Cynthia G has joined this session!
5:27:11 PM System System
Connected with Cynthia G
5:27:11 PM System System
Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is XXXXX X. How may I assist you today?
5:28:15 PM Customer XXXXX XXXXXX
I would like to know how much it would cost me to upgrade to the Palm Pre next week when it is released?
5:28:39 PM Agent Cynthia G
I would be more than happy to assist you with that issue. May I please have your 6-10 digit PIN in order to access your account?
5:28:54 PM Customer XXXXX XXXXXXXX
my account is XXX XXX XXXX and PW is XXXXXXXX
5:29:15 PM Agent XXXXX
Thank you. One moment while I access the account.
5:35:42 PM Agent
thank you for your patience while I check your upgrade eligibility.
5:36:54 PM Agent
Wayne I show that you are eligible for the 199.00 price advertised for the Palm Pre when it is released.
5:38:17 PM Customer
You have to kidding me? I am entitled to a 150 upgrade according to "You are eligible to save $150" on my home page
5:39:14 PM Agent
You are eligible for up to 150.00 upgrade and according to the policy for release of the Palm Pre, you are eligible for the instant savings and the mail in rebates, bringing the price to 199.00.
5:39:38 PM Agent
This is if you renew to a new 2 year agreement.
5:39:57 PM Customer
Everyone gets that according to your ads-what about the upgrade notice?
5:40:25 PM Agent
Customers who do not have the 150.00 upgrade eligibility do not receive the instant savings.
5:41:03 PM Agent
Customers who have no upgrade eligibility will have to pay the retail price for the device.
5:41:27 PM Agent
Customers who only have the 75.00 upgrade receive 75.00 off of the retail price and the mail in rebate.
5:41:39 PM Customer
It is advertised on your site for a 100 instant rebate bringing the price to 199 ? with a 2 year contract
5:42:10 PM Agent
Yes that is new customer pricing or customers with the 150.00 upgrade eligibility.
5:43:51 PM Customer
That is an awful representation to an existing customer that has been waiting for the Pre-Patiently You mean I do not get treated any differentially than a brand new customer?
5:44:06 PM Agent
The site advertises the device with a 100.00 instant savings and the 100.00 mail in rebate.
5:44:31 PM Agent
I apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue.
5:45:32 PM Customer
It looks as if you might have lost a customer on this issue--I will have to mull over my options--Have a nice day
5:45:53 PM Agent
It has been a pleasure to assist you today. Have a nice day.
5:45:58 PM Agent
We value your business and would appreciate you taking time to respond to a brief survey about your chat experience. To ensure you are able to participate, please disable all popup blockers before pressing the exit button to end the chat session. Additional feedback or comments regarding Sprint, your chat or chat agent can be sent to: sprint.customerappreciation@connextions.com.
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Needless to say I did not fill out a Happy Survey Form



Chuck Bartok said…
I really appreciate the details of tour experience.

The only reason the process works is that People are clamoring for non-essentials and the Companies KNOW they do not need to heed Established Customer relations.

If the public would realize they do not need this Garbage to conduct business and accumulate Wealth, management would have to wake up and start providing Straight Forward advertising and Customer Service.

Very similar to the State of Political affairs. People were SOLD a Bil of Goods about something they Really Don't Need, BIG Government

My two cents on another Very Productive day in the Garden and Marketing
BEKME said…
Thanks Chuck for your comment. My sentiments totally. Hope you will come back