This is an article from Kim Komando on Saturday 3/28/2009 - see her site at KimKomando Brian in Denver catches the show on KHOW 630 AM. He's been using iTunes to manage music on his computer for several years. Now, he's bought his first MP3 player. He needs some help getting the music out of iTunes and on to the player.

Getting the music onto the new player should be relatively painless. It should come with software for transferring music to the player. Or, maybe you simply drag and drop the music in Windows. The manual should be able to help you.

Now, there's a problem. Your music and player may not be compatible. iTunes rips CDs in the AAC format. Music sold through iTunes is also in the AAC format. Not all MP3 players support this format.

This is easily fixed. Convert the songs in iTunes. Just select the songs, right-click and select Convert Selection to MP3.

Until recently, all iTunes purchases were encrypted. This protected files from unauthorized copying. If your music is encrypted, you won't be able to convert it.

There's a way around this, though. Burn purchased tracks to CD. Then, use your new music program to rip the CD. That will decrease the music's quality. But it should be OK.

Now, let me leave you with a little advice. When ripping CDs, opt for the MP3 format. It will work on any music player.