Chinese company offers Palm Pre on wholesale

RUMORS OR FACT--I went to Ludles web site and snipped this picture--They certainly have the Palm Pre up there but no prices just inquiry's--Gearing up I would say

By Will Park on Saturday, April 18th, 2009 at 10:45 AM PST In Devices, Palm, Palm Pre, Rumors, Web OS

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We know the Palm (NSDQ: PALM) Pre is being prepped for its inaugural launch on Sprint’s networks next month. That has to mean Palm is ramping up production of the Palm Pre in one of their Chinese component integration factories. And, with Palm Pre production presumably well underway, a new Chinese wholesaler has started offering the Palm Pre on wholesale!

China-based Ludle International has posted pics of a Palm Pre in the wild, hanging out next to a Palm Centro and iPhone 3G, no less. Ludle is apparently offering bulk-sales of the Palm Pre to all interested parties.

palm pre wholesale Chinese company offers Palm Pre on wholesale

Being bloggers by trade, we have little use for wholesale Palm Pre’s. But, we did find it interesting that the Palm Pre has been said to feature a plastic capacitance-based multi-touch display that is more scratch-prone than the iPhone’s multi-touch display. The Palm Pre is apparently more scratch resistant on the backside, but more prone to pick up smudges and fingerprints.
It’s only a matter of time before we can put the Palm Pre through the ringer and see how it truly fares. If our preview experience with the Palm Pre is any indication, the Pre will be one helluva