Make your iPhone look like the Palm Pre

Boy this Pre hype about the Palm Pre (now Pre Hype was supposed to be funny-its Early yet) is getting serious !
Now we have a "look-a-like" theme. Picture to the left.
A recent poster to an Apple forum offered up a post with a free download for I Phone and promised more - It has the palm theme and icons--
Whats next The Blackberry Storm ?? to get the links and article at click read more

Today we’re presenting you with a neat theme, obviously created by the Palm (NSDQ: PALM) Pre fan, MMi forum member “balderson.” You’ve probably guessed correctly, the idea is to make the iPhone look like its Palm’s highly anticipated smartphone. In that sense, the theme features 21 icons, although balderson wowed to add more in the future.

If you dig the idea, you’ll need a jail broken iPhone/iPod Touch to proceed. If that’s on place, simply search for “Pre” in Cydia. As far as I’ve understood, it should be there. Alternatively, you may want to read more details, prior to pushing the button, and you can do that from this thread on MMi forums…

Article intomobile
The forum where the downloads are