Palm Pre How to and Features

Phone Review among many many including us that is anxiously awaiting the Palm Pre--Everyone will have this poor baby dissected, diced up and redesigned before it is released--I do not remember when the I Phone came out that there was this kind and volume of hype

The Palm (NSDQ: PALM) Pre is being talked about a lot at the moment so we thought what the heck so will we, many are saying that the Pre will be right up there against the likes of the new Apple I Phone and Android 1.5 devices, time will tell who will be the victor.
Anyway the Palm Pre will need some awesome features to be at the top and go head-to-head with the likes, touchscreen “Got it” Multi-tasking “Got it”, so what about Built-in screenshot utility “Hell yes it’s got it”.

How to take screenshots: Mobile Crunch the little darlings has confirmed that taking screenshots on the Palm Pre is very simple indeed, taking the screenshot is as easy as this (hold down the Orange, Sym and P keys to take a screenshot), simple hey. Ok the iPhone only uses the two-button combo whereas the Palm Pre uses three.

Once you have done the Palm Pre screenshot the image will be saved locally as an image file, yes you can then off load it or Bluetooth it or even email it.

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