A reverse image search site for stolen or !! Borowed copies of your pictures

Here is great tip for Photo Professionals and Amateurs alike who want to guard against photo theft.

I belong to a couple of web site photo clubs. Recently several of them have been running on line contests. You and your fellow members vote on what you think is the best picture of the group. The votes are then counted at the end of the time limit specified. Usually three top winners are chosen sometimes a 4th place for honorable mention.

These groups are often open membership photo clubs that anyone can join. Instead of prize money the only prizes are for "Bragging Rites" There are other clubs that do offer prize money and usually charge a fee to enter.

Recently there appeared to be a plagiarist discovered in one of our free contests and at the end of the week the submitter won second prize with a photo that supposedly was not there own. A very observant monitor of the contest picked this up and the offender was discredited and banned from the club.

This is sad and in my mind a stupid thing to do in a "Free no Prize Contest" and Thievery in a paid contest.

Professional artists worry about this quite a bit, Most of the Pros imprint logos and copyright information in the meta tag data on the digital negative making a copy very hard to be used elsewhere. Some with a computer trick that I will post later post, prevent you from right clicking and saving the photo on a hard drive--

When I saw what had happened it brought to mind a recent article I had read about this very subject.

I do not know how the culprit was discovered but here is my Photo Tip that will solve this problem, and help administrators of photo contests make the playing fields a little more level. You can try this program also and search the web for any of your photos that might have been ahh, borrowed :)

The site name is Tin Eye and you can click on the link to try it out-It is free

The site is it Beta at the moment but does quite well in locating photos by scanning millions of on line photos--Google is great but sometimes we need a little help.

I want to thank one of my on line gurus for this info--Kim Komando she has a great computer tip site and as well she does digital photo tips from time to time. You will find a link on my page for her site. It is worth a visit.

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