Smart Phone: Samsung Omnia From Verizon

When the Blackberry Storm came out from Verizon I was so excited I went that day to try it out. Unfortunately I was disappointed with the keyboard. Maybe it was because I had been using an iPod Touch for a year and the keyboard was much smoother. I ended up getting the LG Dare which by the way is a great phone. I just wanted something more, where I could click on links from my email and sync it with my Microsoft Outlook.

Not long after the introduction of the Blackberry Storm another touch phone came out from Verizon which hasn’t been advertised much but I find to be a great phone. That phone is the Samsung Omnia i910. It is a Windows Mobile device with a touch screen that doesn’t have the click like the Blackberry Storm but more smooth like the iPod Touch. That’s probably why I like it so much. The keyboard does vibrate when you type but it is not annoying.

Now, there are things that I didn’t like so much and have had to change. I call it pimping out my Samsung Omnia. Not all of Windows Mobile is designed for touch screen and there is a stylus that needs to be used at times unless you change some settings and buy some programs to make the Omnia work better.

First off I want to share a video with you of how the Omnia looks right out of the box. This video is from Phone Scoop a great site if you are looking for reviews and latest news about mobile phones. They also have great a forum to help with selecting and using your mobile phone.

hones. They also have great a forum to help with selecting and using your mobile phone.

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