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This does not do well for Storm's rep--
Posted by John Caddell in
A few months ago, I gathered tweets and evaluated them to see what people thought of the Storm, the iPhone imitation from Blackberry. David Pogue of the New York Times had panned the device in his review, yet I found that the stories told on Twitter weren't so bad.

Then today I found this entry on the Crackberry blog (via FierceWireless), a Blackberry users' site unaffiliated with the company. The entry posted (then took down) preview pictures of the planned Storm II.

What's left, even though the pictures are gone, are the comments. And in this set of comments, you'll get a very interesting, 360 degree picture of what Storm users (and Blackberry fans) think of the device.

Some examples:

looks like the same crappy device that the first storm was in my opinion.. i am neither impressed

They need to offer those of us who put up with this laggy sub-optimal device so that their 4th QTR 08 and 1st QTR 09 numbers could get a boost a DEEP trade in discount.

I'm on my 4th storm because my screen keeps sticking

I like the clickable screen on places like the browser where you have to select something on the screen like a link. Not so much for typing. Say, what you will, it may be slower and the browser may not be as pretty, but browsing is a heck of a lot easier on the Storm than the Iphone because of it.

What?!? When I'm on break at work, I actually use my friend's iPhone because it's 10 times faster than my Storm.

(You can even treat yourself, partway down in the comments, to an impromptu discussion of the latest episode of "Lost"--part of the beauty of the open forum!)