How To Drive Free High Quality Traffic To Your Website

by Ben Cole

Having a website is one thing, but having no visitors is another. Many Newbies create a good looking site,but have no idea how to get traffic. There are many methods of driving quality traffic to your site, and if you have very little to no money to spend on paid advertising, then your only option is to find free methods of advertising. Here are the best ways to drive quality traffic to your website:

* Blogging

Starting a blog is a very good way to drive free traffic to your website. Blogs are very easy to setup, and as long as they are informative, you will see people making posts. Remember, the more visitors you can get to read your blog and comment on, The higher it will rank in the search engines which is exactly what you want. It is important for a blog to be keyword rich, Which also contributes to SEO greatly.

* Submitting Articles

Articles are an excellent free method of driving traffic to your website, The great thing about writing articles is that it is a "Set and forget" type of marketing. The more people that read your article, the higher it will rank in the search engines, and the more articles you submit to article directories, the more exposure your website is going to receive. Your articles must be helpful to readers, and in turn are more than likely going to visit your website for further information.

* Email marketing

Once you have a list of targeted leads, you can then start sending each one helpful tips and info and a provided link they can click on to your website. Do not send emails that are spammy in any way, They're just going to delete it, just keep your emails to the point and informative and you can't go wrong.

* Video marketing

This has become increasingly popular over time, and one of the best ways to promote your website. A Video Site such as YouTube for example is an excellent place to start. If your video is unique, you will get lots of views, and in turn, lots of clicks.

* Social Networking

Social Networking sites require a certain method to be effective. Remember this is your website you are going to be promoting so be professional about it. Don't start sending out spam otherwise your going to get a bad name for yourself and possibly have your account suspended or terminated.

* Offline Marketing

This is probably the most under rated methods of free traffic generation. Even if you have no money to spend on business cards or professionally designed advertising, just talk to people. The word will soon spread. Word of mouth is very effective. Another way is to print out or write up a heap of flyers and deliver them to letter boxes.

Even if you have money to spend on paid advertising, Always utilise the free methods first. There is really no limit to the amount of traffic you can get. All you need to do is think outside the box and you will see results before you know it....

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