How to Choose the Best Diet

Feel like you’ve done a speed-dating experiment with every diet on the books? It might be time to think about settling down with the right one.

Which one is the right one, you ask? Doesn’t matter. High-carb, low-carb, Mediterranean . . . any will do. As long as it’s heart healthy, it cuts back on calories, and you stick to it.

A Flexible Formula
In a study of four weight loss plans, the number of pounds people were able to shed didn’t differ much -- as long as the diets were fairly low in saturated fat and cholesterol, were high in fiber, reduced people’s calorie intake, and included 90 minutes of weekly exercise. Each diet group also experienced better cholesterol, better blood pressure, and better triglyceride levels -- and metabolic syndrome dropped across the board. Jump-start your weight loss efforts now with this Lose 10 to 50 Pounds plan.

What’s Right for You?
The diets in the study had varying amounts of carbs, fat, and protein. So you don’t have to pigeonhole yourself to one style of diet. Just make sure it’s something you feel you can live with. Get yourself on course with these simple diet and exercise tools:

* Be a planner. One of these RealAge-approved weight loss plans is bound to suit you.
* Be a tracker. Stay motivated with our weight loss tracker tool and our waistline tracker tool.
* Step it up. Find out how many steps you need to take per minute to get health benefits.

RealAge Benefit: Maintaining a constant desirable weight can make your RealAge 6 years younger.