TechCrunch’s Most Frequently Used iPhone Apps

by Dan Romero on June 12, 2009 TechCrunch

Most TechCrunch writers are iPhone users. And while we’re still debating whether when what time we will be upgrading to the iPhone 3G S next Friday, we are excited for the iPhone OS 3.0 next Wednesday. We’ve had a few requests to publish the apps we use on our iPhones - and we’re going to share that information with you now.

The following list is by no means all of the apps we have on our iPhones. There are plenty of apps we only use a couple times a month (e.g. Shazam), but when we need them, they’re great. We’ve also linked to any TechCrunch/CrunchGear/MobileCrunch reviews of the apps. Let us know which apps you use in the comments below.
App Users
Yammer 7
Qik 6
Skype 6
Tweetie 6
Facebook 5
foursquare 4
Flight Control 4
Pandora 4
Recorder 2
Loopt 2
Strategery 2
Twitterific 2
Fieldrunners 2
Remote 2
Deep Green 2
Instapaper 2

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