The iPhone 3G S versus BlackBerry

As Featured in News Line 365

Now tha the dust has settled over the iPhone 3G S launch, comparisons are inevitable. Is Apple getting ahead in the race for producing a gadget that can replicate all functions of your laptop? A closer examination of iPhone 3G S and its competitors is in order. The BlackBerry Bold is the nearest competitor that deserves a closer look.

The comparison needs to be identical to comparing say two tennis players. The aspects to be compared would be mail, browser, ease of typing or the touch-tap and the availability of third party apps.

In the email application the iPhone is way ahead of the BlackBerry. The Web browser and the Windows 3-like user interface two handed operation are a breeze. What makes it a clear winner in this field is the ability to use Exchange and its folders. The connection to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server is far too complicated. So the ease of operation is too good in case of iPhone.

In the App Store the iPhone appears to be far ahead. It is not only the quality of Apps but the user interface that is much better in case of iPhone. It is also much easier for developers to develop iPhone apps.

The browsing experience of the iPhone is far too superior when compared with the BlackBerry. The usage of maps and navigation aids is also much better in the iPhone. The iPhone can triangulate Wi-Fi signals to give your location where as the BlackBerry requires an application to do the same task.

Some users may find it difficult to migrate to the iPhone’s screen-based keyboard. BlackBerry keyboard may be comfortable but some key board shortcuts are clumsy.
However the strongest point in favour of the BlackBerry is security. This is the place where it scores over the iPhone. Yet in overall comparison the iPhone seems to leading by leaps and bounds.